Photograph by Carrie Marie Burr

Adirondacks’ signature style leans toward woodsy, of course, and if you’re in search of a store that features all things bark, twig, stuffed, feathered, leathered and then some, Dartbrook Rustic Goods, in Keene, is the place to go. This High Peaks emporium is a stunning showroom and shop. Browsing both its locations along Route 9N—Dartbrook and Dartbrook South—with rooms upstairs and downstairs that go on and on, has become as much a part of the Adirondack experience as hiking a peak or paddling a pond.

Here, co-owner Jay Haws has curated a Gilded Age meets new-fashioned style mecca, melding Great Camp staples, vintage flourishes and bohemian flair. Muscular sideboards blend with cushy chesterfields and beaded Moroccan chandeliers. Framed maps and botanical prints bookend cast-iron antler hooks and Adirondack trail markers. Stacks of Pendleton blankets and campfire-scented candles appear alongside potted succulents and platters of precious stones. 

Haws and his husband, Steve Pounian, opened Dartbrook—named for the water that trickles through their property—15 years ago; before that, Macy’s in New York City was where Haws focused his talent as a store designer. (Pounian is an attorney.) Since then the store has evolved into a destination. Furniture-making, upholstery, framing and other design work happens on-site, “thanks to a talented group of people here,” says Haws—all with the goal of creating pieces that will last generations to come. 

“People from all over the country are responding to the aesthetic,” he says. Whether they visit in person or see Dartbrook’s goods on Instagram, “customers tell us they love the mix of old and new, things that are made locally and things that come from far away. It’s humbling.”       

If You Go
Find Dartbrook Rustic Goods (518-576-4360) at 10923 Route 9N and Dartbrook South at 10913 Route 9N, in Keene. See to shop online; follow the store on Instagram @dartbrookrustic.

Interested in lodging styled in the Dartbrook aesthetic? Learn about Dartbrook Lodge’s rustic cabins at or by calling (518) 576-9080. 

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