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Since 1969

JF2023 Front Cover

ADIRONDACK LIFE magazine reflects the exceptional beauty of the Adirondack Park and provides readers with valuable information on special places, interesting people, wildlife, fascinating history, distinctive architecture, successful businesses, social and environmental issues and recreational opportunities. In eight issues every year, people learn what to do and where to go through in-depth articles and attractive advertising.

The magazine reaches more than 124,229 avid readers—far more than any other publication in the region—through home subscriptions, waiting rooms and affinity programs. ADIRONDACK LIFE has a newsstand presence throughout the Northeast, outperforming other regional titles. attracts more than 100,000 views every year.

Since 1969 the magazine, based in Jay, New York, has earned awards for stunning photography, elegant design and excellent writing. In 2004, 2008 and 2011 ADIRONDACK LIFE was named Magazine of the Year (and was a Finalist in 2017, 2019 and 2022) by the International Regional Magazine Association (IRMA), a consortium of regional titles that includes Arizona Highways, DownEast, Cottage Life and Texas Highways, among others. In 2019 ADIRONDACK LIFE’s July/August 2018 won a Folio award for best Full Issue among regional magazines in the Northeast.

Our longtime focus on the region has established our brand and made the magazine the trusted source for information about the Adirondack Park, according to our reader surveys. We know the Adirondacks’ every peak and valley, and how to keep our readers engaged. Readers spend an average of two hours looking through an issue of ADIRONDACK LIFE; most subscribers treasure issues for three years or more. The photographs and articles are timeless, adding value to any advertising in our pages or on our website.

ADIRONDACK LIFE is an excellent way to showcase your services and products, your destination or property. We deliver the most targeted and loyal audience of the Adirondacks’ regional media.

“Displaying our architecture and interior design ads in ADIRONDACK LIFE has been an effective tool for branding awareness in the Adirondacks through the years … we hold their readership in high regard and find their content extremely relevant.”

Phinney Design

Saratoga Springs, NY

“We’ve made several multi-million-dollar real-estate sales as a result of advertising in ADIRONDACK LIFE. We love you guys!”

Merrill L. Thomas, Inc. Real Estate

Lake Placid, NY

ADIRONDACK LIFE has been an incredibly efficient method of reaching our target audience. We find our return on ad spend with ADIRONDACK LIFE surpasses that of digital targeting and we’re excited to be working with a local business to do it.”

Adirondack Field

Daniel Kelleher

Why Advertise in Magazines?

• In the age of the Internet, people still read magazines. In fact, magazine readership has increased over the past five years. There are now nearly 220 million magazine subscribers.

• 91% of people owning iPads or other e-readers read magazines. They say print magazines relax them, make them think and give them good ideas.

• Magazines remain the #1 medium for driving purchase intent and action.

• The immersive power of magazines promotes deeper connections and creates relationships that extend to the advertising.

• Readers retain print information far better than radio, television or other media.

• Print ads rank #1 in driving traffic to your website.

Why Advertise in Adirondack Life?

• Reach 124,229 readers who read the magazine, including subscribers and newsstand buyers in all 50 states.

• Readers average 1.9 hours reading articles and advertisements in each issue.

85% of readers say their primary source of information about the region comes from ADIRONDACK LIFE.

• 81% say they have taken action in the past 12 months as a result of articles and 70% have taken action as a result of advertising in the magazine.

• Your ad will be showcased with beautiful photographs and award-winning stories eight times a year.

• Ad production is available at no additional charge.

Our readers—an affluent, well-educated group—are an ideal audience for your business. What better way to reach them than having them see your message while engrossed in their favorite magazine?

September October 2022 Cover

Demographics at a Glance


Pass-along readership, according to Readex Inc., is 124,229.

No other publication covering the region reaches as many people as ADIRONDACK LIFE. Each year we build our subscriber base by direct-mail campaigns, affinity programs with leading nonprofit groups, a public places program, and are actively pursuing new readers through innovative partnerships.

ADIRONDACK LIFE is purchased in newsstands, bookstores, supermarkets, museums, resorts, retail shops and online; when people buy the magazine they invest in the content in ways that free periodicals can’t touch.


Based on the most recent outside surveys, readers are typically 50- to 60-year-old married individuals. We know our readers and their interests through independent surveys we commission on a regular basis. No other North Country periodical takes this step to understand who readers are and what they enjoy. This research helps advertisers promote specific products and services while assisting editors in selecting topics, destinations and activities that will resonate with our core group.

ADIRONDACK LIFE readers share each issue with at least two other adults in the household. They save issues an average of 3.1 years. Each year they spend 21.8 days visiting the area, and 85% live outside the Adirondack Park.


In a recent collaborative survey reaching more than 20,000 adults, 71% of respondents indicated that they read ADIRONDACK LIFE to stay connected with Adirondack issues and 53% say it provides information on new destinations to explore and activities to try. They regard the magazine as a trusted source; no other regional publication earns this level of engagement. ADIRONDACK LIFE is a well-known institution in the region, appreciated for its depth of coverage and authoritative voice on subjects of local interest.

ADIRONDACK LIFE readers are well educated.
  • 71% are college graduates
  • 50% have post-graduate education

ADIRONDACK LIFE readers are professionals.
  • 18% are doctors, attorneys, accountants and teachers
  • 11% are executives or managers
  • 9% own businesses

Our readers attain a high level of income and asset accumulation.
  • average annual income is $152,000
  • average value of primary residence is $417,000
  • average net worth is $1.17 million
  • 33% own vacation homes valued at an average of $441,000

In a recent independent survey readers stated they own or plan to buy
  • books and maps about the Adirondacks
  • camping gear
  • Adirondack-style furniture
  • outdoor sportswear
  • garden/yard equipment
  • sports equipment

ADIRONDACK LIFE readers are very active.
  • 59% hike
  • 54% garden
  • 44% swim
  • 43% canoe or kayak
  • 36% bicycle
  • 23% cross-country ski
  • 19% downhill ski

Planning Calendar and Advertising Deadlines


Issue Deadline Available Highlights
April 2022 Cover March
1/2/2023 mid-February

Issue with highest response to advertising!

Winners of ADIRONDACK LIFE’s annual photography contest; all things maple—make your own syrup and where to buy liquid gold; Upper Jay’s Ice Jam Inn; P-2’s Pub, in Tupper Lake; the Great Camp that influenced Olympic swimmers; exploring Lake Luzerne; and more!

May June 2022 Cover

1/30/2023 Mid-April

Summer planning issue

An exploration of the Adirondacks at night! Wildlife, with a focus on the nocturnal; lodging, featuring hotels, motels and campsites across the park; reading night skies—how to and where to; the pleasures of hiking at night; nighttime photography and more!

Guide to the Great Outdoors 2022 Cover Guide to the
Great Outdoors
3/13/2023 mid-May

SPECIAL ISSUE: Great Outdoors Guide, on sale all summer!

Take the ADIRONDACK LIFE Challenge; exploring barefoot hiking; an insider’s roundup of the coolest places to visit in the Adirondacks, including where to eat and stay; camp cooking recipes; hiking trails with the least traffic; a celebration of boat builder Peter Hornbeck; and more!

July August 2022 Cover July
4/24/2023 mid-June

Issue with the highest newsstand sales

A delicious and quirky guide to hot dogs; Adirondack taprooms, including Strong Rope, in Blue Mtn Lake; remembering Sherman’s Park; Adirondack docks; artist Frank Owen; Bolton Landing’s new collection; lavender farms; composting; and more!

September October 2022 Cover September
6/12/2023 mid-August

Fall planning

Stunning fall photographs; Bike the Barns; Adirondack flying services; a Porch Spider Festival; Champlain Valley apple orchards; bison farms; on the trail with fungi experts; growing up in a famous Adirondack family; and more!

At Home in the Adirondacks 2022 Cover At Home in
the Adirondacks
7/24/2023 mid-September

Newsstand copies on sale through the end of the year

Special Issue: AT HOME IN THE ADIRONDACKS! Celebrating the Adirondacks’ quintessential style— homes, decor, furniture, art and everything in between.

November December 2022 Cover November
8/28/2023 early-November

Holiday Gift Guide

The best places in the Adirondacks to celebrate the holidays—where to stay, eat and play! Plus, our picks for Adirondack gifts.

JF2023 Front Cover January
10/10/2023 mid-December

Winter Planning Issue

Your guide to the Jackrabbit Trail; the Adirondacks’ annual bird count; avalanches—what you need to know; First Day hikes; roundup of the best snowshoe trails; Thankful Sage Farm School; the FISU Games and a schedule of events; and more

All issues include Dining & Lodging, Real Estate, Water Sports and Classified special advertising sections. Other special sections are frequently added. Ask us about updates relevant to your business. Advertising material is due one week after the space deadline.


Advertising Rates

Contact your sales representitive regarding other special rates and discounts: or call 518-946-2191

General Advertising

Four Color 1x 3x 6x 8x
Full 3,100 2,860 2,640 2,600
2/3 2,475 2,290 2,115 2,090
1/2 2,315 2,140 1,965 1,955
1/3 1,475 1,325 1,215 1,200
1/6 925 850 790 785
1/12 505 430 405 400
Black & White 1x 3x 6x 8x
Full 2,295 2,080 1,920 1,875
2/3 1,765 1,630 1,500 1,460
1/2 1,425 1,260 1,175 1,155
1/3 915 840 805 790
1/6 500 440 415 405
1/12 370 285 260 255
Covers/Premium 1x 3x 6x 8x
Back Outside 3,880 3,700 3,655 3,625
Front Inside 3,755 3,545 3,500 3,465
Back Inside 3,295 3,050 2,815 2,790
Page 1 or 2 3,560 3,285 3,225 3,170
Spread 5,825 5,410 5,150 5,100

Classified Advertising

Four Color 1x 3x 6x 8x
Display (per col. inch) 200 180 160 150
Text (per word) 2.90 2.80 2.65 2.60

Guaranteed Position: Add 10% of gross space rate.
Bleed: Add 15% of gross rate. No charge for covers.


Contact your ADIRONDACK LIFE sales representative today: or call 518-946-2191

Dining & Lodging Section

Four Color 1x 3x 6x 8x
Full 3,100 2,860 2,640 2,600
2/3 2,475 2,290 2,115 2,090
1/2 2,315 2,140 1,965 1,955
1/3 1,475 1,325 1,215 1,200
1/6 925 850 790 785
1/12 505 430 405 400
Black & White 1x 3x 6x 8x
Full 2,295 2,080 1,920 1,875
2/3 1,765 1,630 1,500 1,460
1/2 1,425 1,260 1,175 1,155
1/3 915 840 805 790
1/6 500 440 415 405
1/12 370 285 260 255

Dining and Lodging includes free fifty word listing.
Listing only available for $99; 3 consecutive issues, $89.

Real Estate Section

Four Color 1x 3x 6x 8x
Full 3,100 2,860 2,640 2,600
1/2 1,800 1,670 1,540 1,500
1/4 925 860 790 780
1/8 500 470 425 420
Black & White 1x 3x 6x 8x
Full 2,295 2,080 1,920 1,875
1/2 1,300 1,075 975 945
1/4 695 590 550 540
1/8 420 370 340 330

Advertising Sizes and Specifications

Need help creating just the right ad? Let our graphics department produce it for you.
Need help creating just the right ad? Let our graphics department produce it for you.
Digital Ad Submissions

Electronic files up to 25 MB may be emailed to For sending files larger than 25 MB via internet contact your sales representitive for our online “dropbox” service information. 

File Format: We accept Adobe Photoshop files, Adobe Illustrator files and Adobe Acrobat PDF files with all fonts embedded (X 1-A Compliant). Please include all EPS files, TIFF files and other graphic files linked to the document. All photographic or tonal images should be in CMYK or grayscale and at least 300 dpi when used at 100% of original file size. All line art or bitmap images should be at least 1,000 dpi when used at 100% of original file size. All ads must have fonts supplied in Mac format; embedded fonts or fonts converted to curves/line art are also acceptable. Ads must be supplied as CMYK or grayscale, not RGB, spot or Pantone colors—including any embedded image files.

Color ads should be accompanied by color guidance, such as an iris or tektronics. If proper color guidance is not submitted, Adirondack Life is not responsible for any color variances.

Ad Creation and Production Charges

ADIRONDACK LIFE does not charge for standard ad design or production services. Advertisers will be provided an e-mail proof of their ad for approval. Custom artwork (image manipulation, special effects, multiple ad variations or changes) will be billed at the rate of $50/hour. Advertisers must provide images, photos or drawings, logos and ad copy to be used in ads.

Additional custom services
(Billed in 15-minute increments.)

Color printed proof of ad
(Plus shipping if applicable.)

All submitted materials will be returned upon request only.

You can email your ad and accompanying files to:

Print & Digital Bundled Advertising

Website Advertising

Your ad will share the page with ADIRONDACK LIFE content including featured articles from our archive, calendar of events, videos and select content from the current issue.

Media Kit Web Page

Skyscraper Ads
(top of right hand column)
300 x 600 Pixels
Jpg – 60-90% optimized
Gif – progressive, interlaced (only vector art)
Embed color profiles
No flash or PNG files
Button Ads
(right hand column under Current Issue)
300 x 250 Pixels
Jpg – 60-90% optimized
Gif – progressive, interlaced (only vector art)
Embed color profiles
No flash or PNG files


Contact your ADIRONDACK LIFE sales representative today: or call 518-946-2191

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