“Community,” a solo exhibition of works by Bugzdale

“Community,” a solo exhibition of works by Bugzdale

Bugzdale (who is also known as Anthony Jackson) is from Mandeville, Jamaica, and grew up in New York City. His Jamaican-American background, and ties to communities in Queens, NY, and Jamaica, as well as other places, old family photos, and memories, all inform his art. Through drawing, painting, and a variety of other media Bugzdale aims to amplify ideas about the black experience in our society. He says: “I focus on the themes that affect my community: class, race, police brutality, corrupt government, death, and other issues, to show the way in which black men and women are made targets, and to find a way to celebrate the lives of these under-represented individuals. I create a world where these people can survive, and find a way to be themselves, while being free from imprisonment, both metaphorical and real. I want to represent the ‘humanness’ of these figures, outside of media stereotypes”. Online Talk with the Artist: Saturday, May 7 @ 4 PM A direct link to the talk can be found at www.lakegeorgearts.org.

Date: May 4, 2022 - June 4, 2022 Venue: Lake George Arts Project Courthouse Gallery Location: 1 Amherst Street Lake George, Venue Google Map Link: + Google Map Venue Phone: 518-668-2616 Venue Website: View Venue WebsiteCategory: Culture

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