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Published since 1969, ADIRONDACK LIFE has earned numerous national awards for the quality of its photography, design and the depth of its editorial coverage of life in the largest wilderness area in the eastern U.S. The magazine is written for residents who embrace the park’s natural assets, as well as for visitors who consider the Adirondacks to be their cherished refuge. Articles cover outdoor recreation, history, the arts, home design, food, fine crafts, gardening and environmental issues. Published eight times a year, our magazine has broad appeal

The rate base for the magazine is 45,000 and 55,000 for the Annual Guide to the Great Outdoors and the Home Issue. Pass-along readership, according to Readex Inc., is 162,205 for the magazine and 147,942 for the Annual Guide and Home Issue. Copies are sold on newsstands throughout the United States. Single copy price is $4.95 for regular issues and $5.95 for the Annual Guide and the Home Issue. Subscriptions are $24.95.

No other magazine covering the region reaches as many people as ADIRONDACK LIFE. We build our subscriber base by direct-mail campaigns and affinity programs with leading nonprofit groups and colleges every year. We are actively pursuing new readers through innovative partnerships.

People purchase ADIRONDACK LIFE in newsstands, bookstores, supermarkets, museums, resorts and retail shops; when they buy issues of the magazine they invest in the content in ways that free periodicals can’t touch.

Based on the most recent outside surveys readers are typically 50-60 year old, married individuals with an average household income of $152,000.

We know our readers and their interests through independent surveys we commission on a regular basis. No other North Country periodical takes this step to understand who readers are and what they enjoy. This research helps advertisers promote specific products and services while assisting editorial in selecting topics, destinations and activities that will resonate with our core group.

ADIRONDACK LIFE readers tend to be well educated.

  • 71% are college graduates
  • 50% hold post-graduate degrees


  • 18% are professionals such as doctors, attorneys, accountants and teachers
  • 11% are executives or managers
  • 9% own businesses

Our readers attain a high level of income and asset accumulation.

  • average annual income is $152,000
  • average value of primary residence is $417,000
  • average net worth is $1.17 mill
  • 33% own vacation homes valued an average of $441,000

When asked in recent independent survey they indicated they own or plan to buy

  • books and maps about the Adirondacks
  • camping gear
  • Adirondack-style furniture
  • outdoor sportswear
  • garden/yard equipment
  • sports equipment

ADIRONDACK LIFE readers are also active. They engage in the following activities regularly

  • 59% hike
  • 23% cross-country ski
  • 19% downhill ski
  • 43% canoe or kayak
  • 36% bicycle
  • 54% garden
  • 44% swim

ADIRONDACK LIFE readers spend 1.9 hours reading each issue and save issues an average of 3.1 years.
They average 21.8 days visiting the area each year and 85% live outside the Adirondack Park.


In a recent collaborative survey reaching thousands of adults, 71% of respondents indicated that they read Adirondack Life to stay in touch with Adirondack issues and 53% say it provides information on new destinations to explore and activities to try. They regard the magazine as a trusted source of information; no other regional publication earns this level of engagement .

Adirondack Life is a well-known institution in the region, appreciated for its depth of coverage and authoritative voice on subjects of local interest. In a survey of cultural centers, public media and other regional organizations Adirondack Life ranked first with 69% of respondents listing the magazine as an organization they rely upon for information and entertainment.

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